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Introducing "Ethos" Graphical Theme for OxWall CMS!

Experience OxWall from a fresh perspective with the "Ethos" theme. This simple yet dynamic theme offers a whole new approach to your community platform.

Designed for speed and simplicity, the "Ethos" theme delivers a lightning-fast browsing experience for your users. Say goodbye to cluttered sidebars, as "Ethos" embraces a clean and uncluttered layout that puts the focus squarely on your community's content.

By eliminating the sidebar, "Ethos" creates a sleek and spacious design, allowing your community members to immerse themselves fully in the vibrant discussions, engaging content, and meaningful connections that your community offers.

With "Ethos," your OxWall-powered community takes on a fresh and modern look that aligns perfectly with contemporary design trends. Give your users a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience with the "Ethos" Graphical Theme for OxWall CMS.

Explore the power of simplicity and speed with "Ethos" and elevate your OxWall community to new heights today!

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Product Info

Build 4023 (latest)
License OSCL
Vendor Admin
Created Jul 30
Price Free
File Size 452.32 Kb