Store - Terms of use

Terms of use of this store

For buyers:
- You will find free and paid products compatible with OxWall, SkaDate and our versions of the OxWall core.
- Products can be Themes, Plugins and Patches
- Each license is only valid for one website
- Your account will be blocked indefinitely and all your purchases will be invalidated if:
* We detect that you use any software without a valid license
* You share the source codes with other people
* You do any kind of misuse
* Your profile data is not real
* Bad behavior, lack of respect or education, etc.

Free products:
- You can freely download one of them, to download the next one you must rate the first one.

Product Ratings:
- Ratings will be reviewed by the moderation team

For sellers:
- You can publish any work of yours or inspired by the work of others at the price you want.
- If a product is too similar to an existing one, it will be suspended.
- If your product requires others, you are obliged to comment on it in the description
- You can use any programming language and / or encryption
- You can use any technique to protect your licenses if they do not interfere with those used by us.
- You can establish your own conditions of sale, use and refund policy
- You are obliged to report to the moderation team all users and websites that you discover that they make fraudulent use of your products or other authors.
- You can post any work by any author that has been discarded on
- You agree that the moderation team examine your products and value them.
- You can advertise the products without uploading them to the store, in that case they will not be reviewed.
- As long as we have not developed a license verification system, for paid products you will need to manually assign a license to use OxWall and the products can be downloaded from there as well.

Return policy:
- In any case, the PayPal fees will be paid by the buyer.
- Returns for malfunctions will not be accepted if the buyer does not provide full access (server control panel, FTP, etc.) to the seller.

For any questions or suggestions please contact the administrator.


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