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Fantasy Free-Responsive

Introducing "Fantasy Free-Responsive" Graphical Theme for OxWall CMS!

Experience the magic of seamless responsiveness with the "Fantasy Free-Responsive" theme. This fully responsive theme ensures a smooth user experience across all devices, including mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

Derived from the simplicity theme, "Fantasy" offers a touch of uniqueness with custom color edits and enhanced fonts, complemented by delightful visual effects. The header image is elegantly integrated within the container, adding a touch of charm to your community's appearance.

Equipped with FontAwesome icons, the theme allows you to add a dash of creativity to your language translations. Easily use FontAwesome tags in the translation fields, opening up a world of possibilities to customize your community's elements.

Whether you're running a social network, a forum, or any online community, "Fantasy Free-Responsive" combines aesthetics with functionality, creating an inviting atmosphere for your members.

Discover the enchanting world of "Fantasy Free-Responsive" Graphical Theme for OxWall CMS and elevate your community's visual appeal while ensuring an exceptional user experience on every device. Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and elegance!

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Product Info

Fantasy Free-Responsive
Fantasy Free-Responsive
Pluginkey fantasy
Build 9700 (latest)
License BSD-1-Clause
Vendor Admin
Created Jul 31
Price Free
File Size 2.76 Mb