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Test Email

Test Email is a plugin that allows you to send a test email every x minutes to check that your website is sending emails properly.

These emails are sent via CRON.

You can program every how many minutes they are sent and limit the number of shipments.

You can select to send through the OxWall libraries in its two modes (deferred or immediate), or through php without libraries to be able to check if there was an error in them.

You can also send emails manually (without CRON), to check that CRON is working properly.

An incremental number is included in the emails (to check that none are missing), as well as a time stamp to check how long it has been since they were received.

The title, the body of the message and the destination address can be customized from the control panel.

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Product Info

Test Email
Test Email
Build 3 (latest)
License OSCL
Vendor PatriciaZorrillaBcn
Created Aug 5
Updated Aug 5
Price Free
File Size 120.17 Kb

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