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The Newsfeed plugin revolutionizes your social network by introducing a dynamic activity feed, complete with Facebook-style likes and comments. Elevate user engagement and interaction with this feature-rich plugin that enhances the community experience.

Key Features:

- Create an interactive activity feed reminiscent of Facebook's, fostering engagement among users.

- Seamlessly integrate a comment wall on various pages, including the homepage (index), dashboard, user profiles, blogs, photos, and across numerous other plugins supporting commentable items like advertisements and events.

- Enjoy comprehensive privacy controls that empower users to manage their content visibility.

- Experience smooth integration with the system's notification framework, keeping users informed of activity and interactions.

- This plugin is available for free, aligning with the ethos of community-driven development.

- Ensure a seamless user experience on the mobile version of your website, thanks to full mobile support.

- The latest version of the plugin introduces mobile widgets, enhancing mobile user engagement.

- Benefit from enhanced stability and performance through bug fixes addressing various issues.

- Compatibility extends to PHP versions up to 8.2, ensuring you can enjoy the latest scripting capabilities.

Elevate your social network to new heights with the Newsfeed plugin. Install it today and watch as user interaction flourishes, making your platform a hub of lively exchanges and engaging conversations.

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Product Info

Build 10603 (latest)
License OSCL
Vendor PatriciaZorrillaBcn
Created Aug 17
Price Free
File Size 189.47 Kb

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