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Carousel For Profile

Carousel for Profile is a widget that can be added to users' profiles in the OxWall CMS plugin store.

The administrator can place it in a suitable section of the profile for visibility.

The administrator can choose in the widget properties which user roles it is visible to, but by default, it's visible to everyone.

When visiting a profile, if the user has added photos to their widget, they will be displayed sequentially with buttons for navigation.

If no photos have been added, the widget will not be shown.

If the user visits their own profile, they will see their own images and a link to change them.

This plugin has been enhanced by based on, which had multiple issues.

It currently supports the latest versions of OxWall and PHP.

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Product Info

Carousel For Profile
Carousel For Profile
Build 3252 (latest)
License OSCL
Vendor PatriciaZorrillaBcn
Created Aug 29
Updated Aug 30
Price Free
File Size 52.54 Kb

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