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Inbox Alert

Inbox Alert is a powerful plugin designed to enhance communication and user engagement on your website. This essential tool sends email notifications to your users when they have unread messages, keeping them informed and connected.

Key features include:

- Requires Mailbox plugin version 10850 or higher.

- Independent of the Notifications plugin.

- Works efficiently via CRON jobs, ensuring optimal performance.

- Customizable text settings for different languages.

- Admin can limit usage based on User Roles, with default access for all User Roles.

- Admin can send test emails to themselves to verify the system's functionality.

- Users have the option (added in Preferences) to enable or disable email notifications, with the default set to enabled.

- Minimal impact on CRON as tasks are divided into small, manageable chunks.

- No emails are sent to suspended users, ensuring efficient and appropriate communication.

Inbox Alert is a must-have plugin for any OxWall website, providing seamless user communication and encouraging user engagement. Stay connected and enhance the user experience with this invaluable tool.

The Wall

Sep 18
Bugs fixed:
- 500 error when new users register
- Occasional errors when the Messages plugin is not active
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Product Info

Inbox Alert
Inbox Alert
Build 3 (latest)
License OSCL
Vendor PatriciaZorrillaBcn
Created Sep 18
Price Free
File Size 218.03 Kb

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