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Create captivating blogs on your OxWall website with the feature-rich "Blogs" plugin. This powerful tool offers all the necessary functionalities to unleash your creativity and share engaging content with your community.

With the "Blogs" plugin, you can effortlessly compose and manage your blog posts. Save drafts for future edits, publish captivating articles, and allow your audience to interact through a comment wall. The plugin also comes with flexible access controls, allowing you to restrict blog visibility based on User Roles, ensuring your content reaches the right audience.

Explore the endless possibilities of blogging on your OxWall platform with this comprehensive and user-friendly plugin. Enhance your community's engagement and foster meaningful discussions through compelling blog posts. Download the "Blogs" plugin now and take your website's content creation to new heights!

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Product Info

Build 11002 (latest)
License BSD-1-Clause
Vendor Admin
Created Oct 27
Price Free
File Size 118.21 Kb

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