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Mailbox Cleanup

It allows to eliminate conversations whose last message is previous to a given date. It also allows deleting conversations from suspended or deleted members.

It also deletes the attached files, if any.

It is useful to delete all the messages of a member that is sending SPAM by private messages, or offering something illegal by these messages.

Ignore if these messages have been read or not, the idea is that the admin can delete all its contents.

To emphasize that when deleting a user OxWall deletes its blogs, comments, forum topics, etc., but these messages without this plugin there is no possibility to eliminate them.

The execution is manual, a more advanced version is in preparation with the possibility of executing it via cron.

To see private messages, you can use my UserInfo plugin which among other functions allows you to see these messages and delete them, but one at a time.

It requires to have the Messages plugin installed and active, if it is not, it does not do anything and it does not give errors.

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Product Info

Mailbox Cleanup
Mailbox Cleanup
License OSCL
Vendor PatriciaZorrillaBcn
Created Nov 26 '20
Price 10 $
File Size 80.99 Kb
Rates 1
Reviews 1 Click to see


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