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Advanced Comments

Advanced comments: likes and replies included.

Include this plugin and you get comment system like on Facebook.

This plugin cost 30 USD, so it may request a license from the OxWall store

The original link to the OxWall store is:

The Wall

Dec 20 '20
Since the original screenshots are long gone... I figured I would take a moment and show you what the plugin looks like in action. I still use it... I still love it. I don't know why it was pulled.
Admin Admin
Dec 20 '20
Thanks for the image, I have already added it to the product. It is also one of my favorites. If you have more images of this or other plugins do not hesitate to send them to me !!!
Dec 20 '20
I plan to send you quite a few... I'm grabbing a few of them now, in fact! Thanks for this site! I think it's great! :-)
Jan 1 '21
is this working ? Should i take the risk to use it into live site?
Admin Admin
Jan 1 '21
Under PHP 5.6 it works perfectly, with PHP 7.0 and below it does strange things
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Product Info

Advanced Comments
Advanced Comments
License OSCL
Vendor Admin
Created Dec 20 '20
Price Free
File Size 51.41 Kb
Rates 5
Reviews 7 Click to see


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