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WhatIsNew Updated February 2021

This widget shows the latest events, the latest announcements and the latest members in Index, DashBoard or SideBar in a carousel of passing photos with text that slides in front of the photo.

Every 5 seconds it advances automatically.

By clicking on the photo you see at that moment, you directly access the event, the advertisement or the profile.

Below it shows three buttons to access the latest events, latest announcements or latest member registrations.

Events must have a photo to appear here, advertisements a minimum of one photo and new members, an avatar photo.

The events are collected from the 'Events' plugin

Ads are collected from the 'MemberAds' plugin

If one of the plugins is not installed, it skips it and does not show its button, so you can show only one of the three data sources, two or three.

It uses "user roles", so if for example a member is not authorized to view profiles, they will not see them here either.

The results are shuffled to show the three data sources mixed and that it is more varied.

The photos are not deformed, the width of the photos is shown full and the widget lengthens or shrinks as necessary to always show the buttons and the proportions of the photos well.

Like all widgets, you can move it to the part you want on your website as well as limit which roles can see it.

Photos have a border of the same color as the label of the role of the user who created the event, ad, or of the member if it is a member that is being displayed.

If your website does not use roles or colors in the roles, the border color is used by your theme.

If there is nothing to show because there are no events, no new members, and no ads, the widget is automatically hidden.

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Product Info

WhatIsNew Updated February 2021
WhatIsNew Updated February 2021
License OSCL
Vendor PatriciaZorrillaBcn
Created Nov 26 '20
Updated Feb 17
Price 10 $
File Size 30.13 Kb


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