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Youtube Auto-Poster

Automatically search videos from Youtube and auto-post to Oxwall. Need free Google Youtube API Key.

The Wall

Feb 6 '21
Does this work? I used it earlier few months back but does not work
Admin Admin
Feb 6 '21
I don't know, I haven't tried it. If you try it, tell us!
Feb 10 '21
It works
Feb 15 '21
@SochaseMe where do you put youtube API ? i did not find any field for it
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Product Info

Youtube Auto-Poster
Youtube Auto-Poster
Build 5 (latest)
License OSCL
Vendor Admin
Created Jan 31 '21
Updated Apr 10 '22
Price Free
File Size 5.27 Mb
Rates 7
Reviews 7 Click to see

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