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Secret Photo (Burn After View)

Secret Photo is the best friend of User Credits. But it is also able to run standalone without User Credits plugin.

With this plugin users can spend and earn credits in a very fun way. more details please go to try my demo site.

How it works?

1 - User1 send a secret photo to User2 via chat dialog or private message. at the first place, the User2 will see a blurred image.

It depends on your settings of User Credits:

- If you config to require credits to view the photo, than User2 wil have to spend credits to view the clear photo. If the User2 spent credit to view the photo, also you can let User1 to earn credits.

- If you don't have the User Credits plugin, or your User Credits config does not require credits to view it, than the User2 will not need credits to view it.

2 - User1 post one or more photo to the newsfeed, it also depends on you User Credits config. Other users can be free to view the photo, or credits are required to view them.

3 - To be concluded:

- Users can earn or spend credits by sending / posting secret photos.

- Users can spend credits to view others secret photos.

- User can earn credits when other users view her/his secret photos.

- Users can only view the secret photos that sent by chat/private message or posted to the newsfeed wall or comments.

- You can set if users' secret photo need to be approved before sending / posting out. For example you can set account type Male can send secret photos with out prior approval. but photos of account type Female need to be approved before sending out.

I can't tell much more, because it is a brilliant product, very innovative idea and it has much more fun in it. And i promise you will get a pack of very professional, well organized, highly extendable codes.

Remember, the User Credits plugin IS NOT A requirement, but with it, it will get more fun.

This plugin requires a 199 USD license that must be purchased from:

The Wall

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Product Info

Secret Photo (Burn After View)
Secret Photo (Burn After View)
License OSCL
Vendor Admin
Created Feb 15
Price 199 $
File Size 201.77 Kb


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