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Patch For My Profile And Edit Profile

This patch for Skadate removes the "Profile Edit" option from the user menu and adds two buttons to the "My Profile" page: "Edit Profile" and "Upload Photos"

With these small changes the operation is much easier and the appearance is much cleaner and clearer for the users, and the functionality is identical.


Only the files to be replaced are included

It is only for SkaDate users Skadate version (11120). Platform version: 1.8.7 (11120), if you use another version contact me


1) Make a backup copy of the files:




2) Unzip the files and copy them overwriting the original files

3) Put the web in DEBUG mode (it will work very slowly) with these steps:


5) visit the web to update the content

6) disable DEBUG mode to restore normal operation.

And everything is done

The Wall

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Product Info

Patch For My Profile And Edit Profile
Patch For My Profile And Edit Profile
License OSCL
Vendor PatriciaZorrillaBcn
Created Feb 20
Price 25 $
File Size 17.42 Kb


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