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Instant Chat With Video Support

Real-time chat for friends, ajax-based with video support

The Wall

Apr 15 '22
Does this plugin really work, we thought we already tried it once, but had no success with it.
Admin Admin
Apr 15 '22
I haven't tried it, that's why it has a warning. If you try it, let us know!
Apr 16 '22
The plugin is installed, but without an API key and secret it won't work.
The question now is, how do we get them.?
Feb 19 '23
I found how you get the key but it costs two different way by the moth or by the video chat.
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Instant Chat With Video Support
Instant Chat With Video Support
Pluginkey ajaximopentok
Build 6101 (latest)
License BSD-1-Clause
Vendor Admin
Created Apr 15 '22
Price Free
File Size 270.72 Kb
Rates 1
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