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Location Maps

This plugin allows users to add their location in profile details.

The plugin allows users to input their current location and browse others' using the Google Maps.

It adds a custom profile's question with location map to the following pages:

- Join page;

- Edit page;

- View profile page;

- Search page;

Also, the plugin adds a general map where you can find site's users' location.

In Admin panel you can enter Google Maps API key. By enabling API key, you can  monitor your application's Maps API usage, and ensure that Google can contact you about your application if necessary. Read more information here.

The plugin uses Google Maps API and Google Geocoding Service to detect exact coordinates by user's inputed location string.

Please note, that there are some limitations according to Google API usage, for more information, read:

Google Maps Terms of Service -

Google Maps API usage limits -

Google Geocoding Service usage limits -

Important: In order to configure the plugin, please first enable Billing for your developer Google account.

The Wall

Nov 14
Is this plugin up to date, or are we setting this plugin incorrectly.?
We thought we set the API key correctly, but perhaps someone knows how to set the API key correctly.
Admin Admin
Nov 30
It works fine for me as you can see in the images... You must have entered an incorrect or registered API key for another domain.
Nov 30
We're going to take a closer look, although Google Cloud is not really user-friendly
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Product Info

Location Maps
Location Maps
Build 11061 (is old)
License OSCL
Vendor Admin
Created May 8 '22
Updated Jun 9 '22
Price 25 €
File Size 366.48 Kb

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