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Auto Online Members

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are excited to introduce the "Auto Online Members" plugin for the Oxwall CMS. This innovative plugin allows you to create custom rules that simulate online activity for users, enhancing the appearance of engagement and increasing the overall activity on your website.

With the "Auto Online Members" plugin, you have the power to define specific rules and criteria that determine when users will appear as online. By setting these rules, you can create a dynamic environment where users who meet the criteria will be shown as online, even if they are not actively accessing the website at that moment.

This feature provides several benefits for your online community. Firstly, it creates the impression of a vibrant and active user base, which can attract new users and encourage increased engagement among existing members. The appearance of more online members can generate a sense of liveliness and encourage interaction, contributing to a thriving and dynamic online environment.

Additionally, the "Auto Online Members" plugin allows you to customize the rules according to your specific requirements. You can define various criteria such as activity levels, login frequency, or other parameters to ensure that the simulated online status aligns with your website's dynamics.

By utilizing the "Auto Online Members" plugin, you can strategically enhance the appearance of user activity on your website, creating a more engaging and compelling experience for all users. Take control of your online community and stimulate greater user participation with this powerful plugin.

Don't miss the opportunity to boost the perception of activity on your website. Visit the Oxwall plugin store today and unlock the full potential of the "Auto Online Members" plugin. Thank you!

The Wall

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Auto Online Members
Auto Online Members
Pluginkey massonline
Build 10001 (latest)
License OSCL
Vendor Admin
Created Jul 18
Price Free
File Size 21.09 Kb

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