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Console Avatar

Introducing "Console Avatar" a free plugin that adds a sleek touch to your OxWall CMS by placing the user's avatar in the top bar, replacing their name.

This handy plugin enhances the user experience by providing a visual representation of each user through their avatar, creating a more engaging and personalized interface.

With widespread integration into many graphical themes, "Console Avatar" seamlessly complements the aesthetics of your website, enriching the overall design.

In cases where a user hasn't uploaded an avatar, the plugin displays a default avatar, which can be easily defined by the administrator from the control panel.

Please note that while "Console Avatar" is compatible with many themes, there are instances where it might not function correctly. In such cases, you can explore the upgraded version of this plugin, which is also free and available at

Upgrade your user interface and embrace a more visually appealing and engaging website with "Console Avatar" plugin for OxWall.

Visit the OxWall plugin store today and elevate your user experience with this simple yet effective addition. Enhance the visual appeal and personalization of your website with "Console Avatar." Thank you!

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Product Info

Console Avatar
Console Avatar
Pluginkey cavatar
Build 1 (latest)
License OSCL
Vendor Admin
Created Jul 26
Price Free
File Size 5.00 Kb